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Awe-Inspiring Hikes

Awe-Inspiring Hikes
Today I want to share some of the most beautiful, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring hikes/places I've seen in the states.

There is something calming and zen-like about lacing up your shoes and getting lost in nature. The hustle and bustle of day to day life can become overwhelming and grating. It becomes difficult to focus on work, appointments, and errands or chores without any time to de-stress or re-center your self.

It isn't required to have tons of time to go on a hike. Many times, it only takes a short drive, and sometimes, no drive at all to find a quick and easy hike. Sometimes, however, it does take a little more planning. When it does though, it is well worth it.

Acadia National Park
I had no idea what to expect when I went to Bangor, Maine. I was blown away to see how gorgeous the scenery was in Acadia National Park. I was lucky enough to go at the beginning of fall color leaves season. The mixture of perfect temperatures, water all around, and a mix of…

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