Sunday, August 12, 2012

I'm sexy and I know it...

I know this blog has kind of turned into a one a month post, but I'd rather write when I have something I feel strongly about as opposed to being superficial...
Today I want to express how important love is. Anyone can sit on google, pintrest, Facebook, or any number of websites and look at quotes of what love is or isn't. The truth of the matter is simple... Love is positive. There are different ways to love, whether it be platonic, romantic, brotherly or otherwise, it all comes down to caring. Caring about someone in such a way that you want nothing but happiness for them. Nothing but smiles, nothing but  laughter, nothing but pure elation.

Now I must admit that I have come to this notion due to a very trying  and recent test. To most, it would sound ridiculous. To me it sounds ridiculous. But I am happy I am experiencing it, because I have learned that you shouldn't taint love with feelings of jealousy or bitterness... If you do, there's a chance that you don't really love that person. Love is made to be shared, not fought over.  There is enough love to go around. 

Just something I've decided to work on. :)

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