Monday, May 14, 2012

Just Breathe

Some days you just gotta breathe. No matter who is pissing you off, you just gotta take 5 seconds to yourself to just breathe. You can't allow negative thoughts to flood your mind. You have to choose peace.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Many say that they hate where they live. I must say I have been there before.

But one must also ask themselves, "Is it WHERE I am that is making me unhappy? Or is it WHO I am that is making me unhappy?"

My words of advice today are, "Bloom Where You Are Planted."

No matter where you go, you have the opportunity to grow. Are some locations going to be tougher to flourish in? Sure. There may be more rocks in that soil than there will be in the future, but nevertheless, you must strive to grow.

By growing where it is rough, it will not only make you stronger, it will also make more fertile soil easier to thrive in.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Reason to Celebrate!

Life is far too short to be sad. There is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate!!! 

For example, today is May 5th. The obvious reason to celebrate is Cinco de Mayo. But there are also other reasons to celebrate: 
-Cartoonists Day
-Kentucky Derby
-National Homebrew Day
-National Scrapbooking Day
-Totally Chipotle Day
-International Midwives' Day
-First American in Space
-Museum Lover's Day
-Yosemite Sam's Birthday

There's never a reason to be sad if you always have something to celebrate! Find something everyday to smile about. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Graduation always ignites a fire to do something amazing with my life. Look out world. Here I come.

A New Chapter

I'm excited.

Tomorrow is graduation at the university here. The entire city is buzzing with excitement. Loved ones coming into town from all over, friends getting together for their last night out before they go their separate ways, and graduates excited to be done with yet another chapter in their lives and eager to move onto the next one. Its definitely a time for transition and a time to grow. 

Although moving definitely comes with its own twists and turns that cause ridiculous amounts of stress, I know, for one reason or another, that I'm supposed to be where I'm headed. I don't know why yet, and all will reveal itself in time. I am keeping my head high, my shoulders back, and my eyes on the prize. With no more braces, a new apartment, a new job, and a new city, I know that I have been given the opportunity to start fresh. I'm definitely ready to be there and ready to get it going!